Beam Light Socket Projector


Beam integrates into your life

Screw Beam into any existing light socket or use the included power cable to place it on a flat surface. Place Beam anywhere you like: Above a dining table or put it in your bedroom, it’s all up to you! After you’ve given Beam a place in your home, you can set it up to respond to you automatically. You can tell Beam to do what you want it to do when something you define happens. Like: Show a message when someone comes home, Play a Youtube movie to wake you up or even show you the latest news in the morning.
Runs any app available

Control Beam with the Apple or Android Remote app! Beam is easy to set up and connects to your home Wi-Fi. You can install all your favorite apps on Beam itself. Watch a movie on Netflix, HULU or YouTube, check your Facebook notifications or even listen to music with Spotify. The beam can install any app available, so the possibilities are endless.

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