Fourneau Bread Oven


1 x solid maple surface + 1 x pre-seasoned cast iron dome = 1 x Fourneau Bread Oven carbo-coma. If you’ve got the touchy yeast thing down, the touchy kneading thing down, and the touchy rise in a warm (but not too warm!) place thing down, but your homemade baguettes still aren’t coming out like your favorite bakery’s, Strand Design thinks its home cook’s bread oven is the missing piece to your dough puzzle.

The Fourneau was designed to slide into standard residential ovens and turn them into commercial-quality bread ovens. The pre-seasoned cast iron cover and hatch absorb and retain the oven’s heat, and then inject it evenly and enforce onto bread top, side, and bottom surfaces, so you’ll get that golden, crispy crust giving way to the soft and airy chew that makes your drool every time hot, fresh-baked bread service arrives when you’re dining out. Christmas rolls from the Piggly Wiggly? Psssh! Try Christmas Rolls from these 10 little piggies!

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